Belief in Angels (part 2)

945193_464283156979927_730748042_nI asked the question last week: “Do you believe in Angels?” everyone that responded said “YES” in one form or another.

I’ve been searching the answer to this for nearly 40 years.

The following is a free preview chapter from my upcoming book: :

“Finding the Alchemist Within – Turning Yourself to GOLD!” – A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing.

Just as it was ‘Spirit Guided’ to write this chapter for my book, so is it ‘Spirit Guided’ to share it with you now freely.  So, as a New Year’s gift from Spirit…. Enjoy the read and let me know what you think.



Could it be that what we were taught might almost be right?

Sometimes we are taught things that just do not seem to sit well… “AS IF” we may actually know something they don’t know, be it things taught by our parents or teachers, or even within our spiritual or religious beliefs and teachings.

I was brought up believing what all monotheistic religions and many pagan beliefs include in their sacred writings and teachings of the presence of angels.

I was taught that Angels are God’s messengers… heralds of impending global change, of great news of new beginnings, of the arrival of great prophets and such. We are taught that they are pure light, created to do Deity’s bidding. It is said that there is an angel for every blade of grass to help it grow. That there are more angels than there are stars in the sky or grains of sand on the Earth. Angels have wings and transcend time and space to be exactly where they need to be at the precise time needed. We each also have a Guardian Angel that is assigned to us before we are born to help and guide us on our way through life.

If you dig into history and culture, you will find that Deity, God, and/or Goddess have hundreds of names and descriptions. However, anywhere you go, to any culture in the world, at any time in history, you seem to find angels, or entities that could be nothing other than angelic.

What’s more, you will find a handful of angels that have similar, if not identical, names and purposes.

Miracles, Luck, and Chance, or Divine Interventions?

Ever need a quarter more to make fare for that last bus home? When all seemed lost, there on the ground was a shiny new quarter.

Is this a coincidence or is it the work of angels?

A stranger passing by just happens to know the exact directions to the place you cannot seem to find, to the interview that you will be late for in 5 minutes. You find yourself trusting this soul implicitly. Is this an “angel of the moment” or just a lucky happenstance?

Money that is desperately needed for a critical repair on the family car magically appears in a rebate check from an old insurance policy in the mailbox the day it is needed.

I have seen repeatedly throughout my life these “miracles” happening to people. These happenings, encounters, miracles, coincidences, are the work of the inner psyche in communication with the energy that is the Universe. The inner psyche is the soul; the soul is part of the universal energy found in all living things. We as humans are made of this energy, which is encased in our bodies for the duration of a lifetime. Angels are manifestations of this same Universal energy but are free to move about without the confines of a body.

The culmination of all these energies is the Universe, and all that is in the Universe is God, Goddess, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, Deity… call it what you will.

An Angel is a soul mate (if you will), by your side the moment it’s needed, and for your lifetime, sharing a love that is not conditional, as human relationships can be. This love does not interfere with our earthly relationships.

angel_wingsAn angel is a true soul mate and is always there to help and guide if you ask with your soul connection, your gut, and not your head or your heart. That is why the angel that is with you for a lifetime is called a guardian angel.

They not only guard you, they are part of you, or connected to you.

Our souls are interconnected. The energy that is us is connected to everyone and everything in the Universe. These connections, or cords if you will, can exist in various ways. How we connect to our surroundings and others determines the outcomes to these encounters.

When an intention or prayer of a need or desire is put out to the Universe of endless possibilities and potentiality, it will resonate with those that can make it come to fruition.

Sometimes in ways that seem rather odd or unlikely.

Here is an example of this from back in the early days of the internet. Back when only AOL was considered the “social medium of choice,” I spent many hours chatting with people from all over the world about everything in the healing arts. I found a message from a woman in Chicago one evening; it went something like this:
“I am a single mom with three kids, I lost my job today, my car stopped working, the kids are hungry, and all I have is $10 to my name. People say you help people with all kinds of issues… so help me!”

I sat at my desk staring at the screen for quite some time. I had no idea what I should or could tell her that would help. So I closed my eyes, and I asked my angels for help, for spirit to guide me to an answer. A few moments later, I opened my eyes to see myself hitting the send button and signing off… Oh my, what did I just type to this woman? So I read my reply as the program closed.

“Play the lottery.”

How rude was that? Yikes! I got to stop staying up late on the computer. A few days later I got another message from this woman. All it said was, “Give me your phone number please.” Uh oh, I’m in for it, and I guess I deserve it. So I gave her my number almost against my better judgment. The phone rang about half an hour later. It was the Chicago woman. She called me to thank me because she had won $10,000 in the lottery from a ticket bought the night I had responded to her message. She went on to tell me how pissed off she was from the message I sent, but because I said absolutely nothing else, nothing else was in her mind. It was less than a block to the corner market, and it was closing soon, so off she went to buy a lottery ticket. It wasn’t until the next night that she even checked the numbers to find her prayer had been answered.

When you let go of what you think you should think… and let go of second guessing what you should do and allow spirit to guide you… you will find remarkable results. If I had read what I wrote, I would never have sent it. But it was just what she needed to hear exactly at that moment. Is this angelic intervention? Yes, indeed! Spirit-Guided means being obedient to whatever comes to you at the moment the request is thought of.

The existence of angels remains an unanswerable debate that has never been proven or dispelled by science or religion throughout the ages. For more than a dozen years in my “Introduction to Energy Work” class, I would ask everyone if they believed in angels or not. Surprisingly, very few people would say yes immediately. Most would pause for a while, “AS IF” to ponder the possibility, and then tell me that it would be nice but they are not sure angels exist at all.

Hmmm… if we are taught this, why don’t we believe it?

This kind of answer is reminiscent to me of that of the belief in the existence of aliens.

Why, I wondered?

Have we reduced angelic presence to mere urban legends and Disney characters? Or is it our gut that tells us that things are a bit different than what we are taught, but we just have to nod and grunt “AS IF” we go along with it? It is this social acceptance without question that sets us on the path to that narrow-minded prison of the mind. It also creates a non-acceptance of spirit-guided intuition.

Here is what I mean by non-acceptance of spirit-guided help: “I would believe in angels, but they never answer my prayers!”

For one thing, consider those who pray continuously, non-stop. Do they ever stop their ritual of prayer to listen for an answer?

What if the answer was right there in front of them, as soon as they had the notion to pray for that answer?
Would they ever see it?

In my view they “never” get their prayers answered because even with all “good intentions,” the focus remains on the negative aspect of their true desires or needs, via fear and doubt.

Doubt and Fear – The “mind-made” blockers to Positive Intended Manifestations

Using words like “I hope,” “I wish,” and “I pray,” is really like saying, “It would be nice, but I doubt it will happen.”

Using the words “always” and “never” in intentions has pretty much the same outcome. They all put doubt and fear that what you really want cannot happen for one reason or another: “I never win,” “I never get picked,” “He always does that,” “She never listens,” “I always miss out,” “I pray constantly and never get an answer!” etc.

So what do angels have to do with self-healing?

Well, if you take a step back and think on that for a moment, you will discover something that I did. Angels or “Angelic Presences” obviously exist; they can very well be the connection from one living thing to the collective universe or, in essence, all other forms of “universal life-force energy” … sort of the conduit between thoughts, chi, aura, and the Universe, like the wires that data travels on between computers in a network.

Angels act as the phone lines, amplifiers, interpreters, operators for assistance, firewalls for protection, and conduit from one life form to the collective Universe through our internal and external energy.

I believe Angels only sprouted wings because the human mind needed something tangible to grasp: a being that defies space and time, gravity, and the laws of the material world. This, to me, explains guardian angels. They are always there to help us; of course they are. They may very well be the next layer of energy surrounding our aura and connecting it to the Universe.

This layer has no defined space; it is everywhere else, spanning the planet, through mountains, through the depths of the seas, throughout the entire galaxy.

Could this “Angelic Layer” between all light matter be what science has labeled “dark matter”?


This energy reacts to the fluctuations (or vibrations) of any and every living thing, be it human, animal, plant, planet, star, or whatever has a life force.

This idea is supported by the fundamental universal law of “cause and effect” that states that for every action there is a reaction, equal and/or opposite. So to my thinking, an angel is an extension of our own energy, connected and influenced by our emotions, thoughts, and actions, via our auras. A thought, intention, or prayer being released to the Universe is like a pebble being dropped into a vast body of still water. The ripples from that splash will be felt everywhere that water goes, eventually.

If you look at the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, you know that you manifest whatever your point of focus IS. In other words, what is being concentrated on will be reacted upon, be it what you want or don’t want. That focus creates a gut reaction that vibrates through the chakras, creating changes in the aura and sending the messages to the angels (or angelic layer). This is the Cosmic-Bridge, the connection of the Physical, Etheric, and Ketheric Energies of Human Existence to the rest of Creation (the Universe or GOD). The rest of the universe reacts to this action by creating a reaction or manifestation to whatever was unintentionally or intentionally asked for… or wished for… or prayed for… or cast a spell for… or just plain thought about.

*The more consuming your point of concentration on any one thing is, the more the Universe reacts to the vibrations you put out there, through your body, mind, spirit, chi, aura – to the angels and rest of the Universe – and the more that thought is magnified… be it positive or negative. This is why obsessive thought creates stress. The Universe is constantly reacting to the obsession and bombarding you with the same energy you put out. Even if it is negative and not what you really wanted to have manifest.
What difference does it make if angels exist or not?

Why do our beliefs even come into play here?

My answers to this are as follows:

Whether angels are really entities that have wings and can intervene to save and help us, or an energy layer that exists between us and the rest of the universe, the outcome is the same. Whatever we put out to the universe as an intention, prayer, wish, hope, desire, or need… it gets there and is acted upon according to our focus. Our focus on desired outcome is physically manifested into vibrations.

Everything is vibratory: light, sound, thought, etc. So when that vibration is broadcast out to the Universe as a frequency like a radio wave, whatever is tuned into that wave will receive the ping, like an antenna, and react to it. Everything receives the wave; only the things that resonate with that harmonic frequency will interpret the wave and react to it.

Therefore, stress and pain come directly into play here. If you are stressed out and hurting, you are distracted, and your focus is not on the good of all with positive intent. It is on instantaneous relief, no matter how, no matter what… and this paves the road to misguided actions and reactions because we don’t understand where our own thinking needs to be to make things really happen.

In this new paradigm shift of consciousness and healing it is paramount to become masters of our minds, emotions, reactions, and our focused thoughts.

This is why when someone is told that the disease, illness, injury, or infliction is going to consume them and they only have “a month” or “a year” to live, they believe it to be the “end-all and be-all” and manifest just that. Because they are not the masters of their own minds, they believe what they are told is to be their destiny. This is my fundamental problem with mainstream medicine.

Authorities tell us (and we never ever question) that we MUST undergo a particular surgery or take a specific medicine, or we cannot and will not heal.

We believe what we are told without question. We then put those vibrations out to the universe with underlined, unquestioned, unchallenged belief and accept it because we do not have doubt that what we were told will happen. The universe receives these unwavering, focused vibrations and magnifies and manifests them as an “action,” and the “reaction” is exactly what we were told would happen.

The number of people that pass on from this world a year to the day that they were told is staggering.

When we’re told by the “authorities” of a particular outcome, it’s manifested with unwavering acceptance because there is no fear or doubt that what was told is an absolute truth.

There is an exception to this, however; if it is a mother, grandmother, father, or grandfather with strong family ties, they seem to make it right to the holidays when everyone is due to visit so they can see everyone one last time. To me, if you can hold on a few more hours, days, months to do this… then you have the ability to hang around for months or years longer if you really wanted to, or more importantly, if you believed you could.

In the remote regions of the world, void of technology, news, and science there are people who live to be 125 or even 140! Do you know why? It is because nobody told them that life expectancy is 80. So they live longer. Fancy that!

As a young man of 25 back in the early 1980s, I suffered a severe back injury that put me out of work for a very long time. Just prior this time, I was diagnosed and medicated for high blood pressure and had a mild heart attack at the age of 22. After a lot of years of a lot of pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and muscle relaxers; I was told that the feeling in my legs would never be normal again… that the pain would only worsen with time, and that I was going to be in a wheelchair and probably paralyzed from the waist down within five years.

I told the doc that I had just had my third daughter and had no time to be paralyzed, had too many things to do in life still. I walked out of the door and never went back. I got myself off of all the meds, stopped all therapies that were doing nothing but making my arms and legs go numb, and started looking into alternative medicine.

I did acupuncture for nearly a full year. One day I was introduced to a Native American woman who was a Reiki Practitioner, and for the first time in what was now almost six years, I felt absolutely no pain.

I continued to have Reiki treatments for several months, all the while reading and researching all I could about this strange and wonderful healing modality. She told me one day that I should find a Master Teacher and learn how to heal myself, rather than having to pay her weekly.

So I did. I have been doing Reiki on myself almost daily since that time. Ten years later, I was helping to coach my kids’ soccer team, and still hiking through the woods and climbing mountains. I am also managing my pain and can still outrun any of my kids some 20 years after the fact.

The point here is that I refused to identify myself with the issues and be told what my body’s destiny was going to be. I also took myself off my blood pressure meds at this time with the reluctant help of my physician and have maintained normal pressure and health since.

I also have to add here that my hypertension was probably caused by my work schedule, lack of sleep, and poor eating habits. Do not attempt to get off hypertension medication without your doctor’s knowledge. I had mine monitoring me the entire time it took to wean off the meds.

My focus was on my family’s needs as well as my own and staying positive that I was going to heal. I never thought once that I was going to need a cane, or be in a wheelchair, or be paralyzed from the waist down. In fact, I never once even thought about the negative side of this injury… I merely forgot about it and focused on the here and now. It is the memory of the injury that manifests to stay with us and not heal, no matter whether it is physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual.

Reality VS Fantasy

If we cannot discern whether our own reality, what we perceive, is real or fantasy, how can we even consider tapping into the unexplored depths of our minds and souls to unlock the powers of healing and manifestation?

So back to angels; if they are really an energy layer between our aura and the auras of everything else that has life, and all energy is fundamentally the same, that is to say, from the same source, just manifested differently… that would mean that angels are made of the same energy that we are.

The differences are that angels are not contained in a body as we are and angels can move about freely, transcending time and space, but we cannot. We have a “free will” and dharma (our purpose in this lifetime, the ability to choose our paths from moment to moment); they do not. In addition, we are subject to the Universal Laws of “Cause and Effect” (Karma), and they are not.

If there is indeed an angel for every blade of grass to help it grow, this proves to me that every living thing has a soul. This angelic layer surrounds every aura of every living thing, e.g., the prana or aura of pine trees, said to have the largest halo of visible energy around them. So for homework: step outside and go find a pine tree (or any tree for that matter) and look at the sky behind it. You will start to see the difference in the color of the sky directly around the tree as opposed to the open sky; this is the prana, or energy signature of the tree, its aura. The more you relax your vision the more you will see these energy globules.

Imagine everything that has life, plants, animals, people, fish, and birds, having an aura around it and an angelic layer around that. If you think on this for a few minutes, you will see something that I do. A forest full of trees with their auras interconnecting. The birds in these trees with their auras melded into the trees. The creatures of the forest energetically connected to the trees as well. Then see yourself standing on a path in the middle of all of this natural interconnectedness. This is called grounding yourself on a physical and metaphysical level.

The angelic layer between all living things is like a big bowl of Jell-O with pieces of fruit suspended inside it. Create an action in one (vibration), and the Jell-O reacts by vibrating all the other pieces of fruit it connects. Therefore, when we put out an intention to the universe, we are vibrating this layer to everything else in the universe.

Those things that match this vibration and can help make this manifestation happen receive this message or request and do their part to help manifest it. This is why the rich get richer and poor get poorer… because that is what was put out to the universe, and the universe’s response was just that. So be careful of what you ask for.

The aura is the energy signature of the body’s state of well-being. We use this signature to gain first impressions when we encounter another living thing, totally subconsciously. We generally trust this first impression; animals most certainly do. This feeling is referred to as a “gut-feeling” animal instinct.

It is called a gut feeling because that is where it is felt. The gut can only experience two states, one of well-being or one of discomfort. However slight the feeling might be at the time, it is to be trusted implicitly. The gut feels things without thought, emotion, or discrimination; it is totally intuitive. Gut feelings come from instantaneous reactions from the six senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and intuition. These feelings of another’s aura can be described as good vibes or bad vibes.

Scientists and psychologists today are exploring the very nature of intuitive reactions. The feeling may be in the gut, but it is now becoming clear that we are sometimes aware of certain things that are about to happen from moments to minutes in advance. These things would have to be life-changing events, and if the mind is clear enough, the gut will react with a feeling of anticipation… good or bad. If we react on this connection, we are living through animal instinctive reflexes. This happens because all living things are connected through this energy grid we call “life-force-energy.”

Intuitive or energy sensitive people have learned to trust this signature of other’s auras along with reading body language; this makes them very good judges of people. This is because they have learned to trust their gut-feelings and not allow their head of thought and logic, or their heart of sympathy and emotion, to get in the way and end up making a snap decision based on first impressions that were not intuitive, such as on appearances, ethnicity, religion, or fashion.

In summary, you may have found my talk on angels a bit confusing because I go back and forth between angels being entities and also being an energy level. The truth is, I believe both. I have experienced the presence of angels as an entity right in front of me… and I have meditated and dreamt about angels being an angelic layer of energy that is everywhere that matter isn’t. Therefore, with no real conclusion from science or religion, I am allowed to believe both.

The idea that our thoughts, intentions, and prayers get sent out to the Universe of endless potentiality and get acted upon according to our center of focus can also act in reverse. That is to say, when we are moved to do something without thought or emotion and it turns out to be the exact thing needed, either for ourselves or others, we may say it was “spirit-guided” or a “message from our angel(s).” Can this be what “spirit-guided” actually means? What I mean by this is that angels are the Universe of potential coming back to us with an answer to our needs. All energy in the Universe is finite; it’s just manifested into different realities, e.g., light or dark matter, our souls, or the life-force of any living thing or angels (angelic layer).

angelic layer

So what I am saying here is that a message needs to get to us from a consciousness or a collective conscious awareness that has an answer for us, the missing piece to our puzzle. Maybe a loved one far away, perhaps a past teacher, a spirit passed on, or an angel. The Universe sends a vibration or message out that resonates with us, perhaps in way of a “totem” or “sign.” Maybe the smell of roses signifies an angelic presence, or a pretty flower, or an eagle flies just overhead, a dolphin jumps playfully right in our view just offshore, a breathtaking sunset, a shooting star, a bolt of lightning and a crack of thunder that stops us in our tracks, or the beauty of a butterfly.

Through our senses, this vibration is captured and tasted, smelled, felt, seen, heard, or just known, or is felt in the gut at that precise moment in space and time. This is living in “presence of the present moment.” This message or vibration rings through our aura, amplified through the chakras and into our senses, and is felt in our gut and the collective mind. This gut feeling forms a thought without thinking, a feeling without emotion. This is our true self, our soul, the essence of what we really are: beings of light, the conscious awareness that is connected to everything in the Universe. When we listen and act on it, we are honoring spirit-guided help.

For example, this entire chapter came to me unknowingly with detachment and clarity. There are meditations available to meet your angel(s). I have done this; it opened new doors and understanding to what angelic presence and interventions are.

602836_416475831760660_1975830924_nI practice Angelic Reiki, the calling in of angels to guide the healing process of a client who accepts angelic presence (whatever that really is). It has helped people find a more profound sense of spirituality. By that, I mean a true connection with all of Nature.

What it all comes down to is that healing takes place intuitively, not by reading a manual or having a piece of paper on the wall with your name on it. So what our gut instincts tell us is what the Universe already knows.

Trusting your gut feelings intuitively is trusting spirit implicitly.
Amen and Aho!

Namaste~ TonyD




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