The Final Step in Publishing – Proofing

My proofs are in from my publisher and now starts the daunting task of reading and looking over every page of my 386 page paperback book.

  • Making sure all of the text is there
  • verifying all the graphics are readable
  • studying each picture – 75 in this book to insure quality in viewing
  • looking at page breaks and chapter beginnings
  • reading the entire book from an eReader to insure nothing is missing.

This means from my PC, Tablet and iPhone. Even though this is in print, and I will have to do this again when my eBook proof arrives… it is to get the feel of reading it page by page.

A lot of work, and I couldn’t be more excited!

In reality, the book could be ready for press by the end of the week!

till next time…

Namaste ~ TonyD



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