Original Medicine – “The Old Ways”

OM not CAM1Take a good look at a pharmaceutical ad on television, which spends ten seconds on what it can do for you and fifty seconds on all the side effects due to unnatural, synthesized chemicals.

It’s time to make our medicines from natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and flora, and create meals that address our needs – making food our medicine.  Returning to what we have lost over the past 70 years due to “our FDA”, Original Medicine.

The way “health-care” was. Being our responsibility for thousands of years!

Our ancestors knew all the natural remedies for anything that ailed them.  This should not be labelled ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE…. so let’s call it what it really is!  ORIGINAL MEDICINE.  Not CAM but OM.  Has sort of a double meaning there… doesn’t it? 🙂

This Harvard paper on Alternative Medicine and the FDA is well worth the read. You will start to understand why our country is in such a mess in Health-Care.

The conclusion to the above paper is this:

Alternative medicine has already established a role for itself in the health care of many Americans. FDA, however, has been slow to develop a meaningful and coherent regulatory response to this growing phenomenon.  Reluctant to change its mind-set, FDA acts under the mistaken belief that the current regulatory scheme can accommodate any alternative medicine that will be useful to the public. Because of their conceptual and philosophical differences from conventional medicine, however, many alternative therapies simply cannot meet the demands of the current regulatory system. This reality does not imply that such medicines are not valuable. While it is true that many practices that are labelled alternative are nothing more than health fraud and often dangerous, there are also many medicines with great potential to improve how Americans think about and use medicine. A coherent policy toward alternative medicine and a more flexible regulatory scheme are required of FDA if Americans are to be given the freedom to choose different forms of health are safely and wisely.
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“The one thing that was failed to be mentioned is the fact that “Big Pharma” is what propels the FDA’s direction, an with that we will NEVER see Alternative Medicine as a viable resource.  Trillions of dollars are spent in research to dis-eases that will never go away until they find a synthetic-chemical replacement for what nature can already cure.”




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