“Healer, Heal Thyself!” ~for those in the Energetic Healing Arts

602836_416475831760660_1975830924_nAs practitioners in the Healing Arts one of the last things on our list of things to do is heal ourselves.  Why is that?

Mostly because a lot of us think that Reiki is flowing through us as well as the client, be them in front of us or at a distance. This is true, but there is one catch. Some of us do not realize, as I didn’t early on in my career, is that we sometimes forget to “break away” after doing the session. This is Jaki, or negative/excessive energy, I refer to these negative attachments as gukies, they are sympathetic strings to those we worked on that sap our energy until dealt with. Nearly 15 years ago several practitioners asked me why they always felt drained after a session, well, this is why.

dragonswayI have spent 20 years working with people as an Energy Worker: Traditional and Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, Magnified Healing Master/Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healing Practitioner, Several Indigenous Shamanic Healing Methods, Guided Meditation writer/leader, Shaman , Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist and now Author in the Healing Arts.

I have created a unique integration of Reiki, positive affirmations and self-healing using guided imagery into a Guided Meditation that is also a personal Reiki Session for anyone, especially Practitioners!

This is a series of 4 guided meditations and guided imagery exercises I call: “The Alchemist at Work” Guided Meditation Series. They are a companion enhancement to my new book. “Finding the Alchemist within – Turning Yourself to GOLD!” “A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing”.

The one I have published just this past December works through Activating, Clearing and Balancing the Chakras by Channeling Reiki for Chakra Synchronicity.

Click Here to Listen for free. The “Preview” is set up to play the entire 45 minute meditation. This is my gift to you as a Reiki Practitioner, my way of tithing forward. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of it. I have 3 more in this series coming soon.


Activating chakras means bringing your conscious awareness to them one at a time. By doing this, you are stimulating this energy center in the active mind. When a body part, body system, or even an energy center is brought into focus of the active mind, it is activated.


brian cropped 2Your brain is now thinking of this area, bringing into your awareness what is going on in that chakra.

Do I feel it?  Is it working?  How should it feel?       Do I even have one?  What should it feel like?      Where exactly is it?  Why don’t I feel something?  And of course, the big question… What do I do with this now?

Your brain has thousands of queries per second about life’s happenings around it.

Now you are pinpointing your focus and attention on a specific place and time to do a specific job, and that is sensing its presence in the present moment. Chakras are ever-changing; their state of being is a snapshot of that particular moment in space and time. Emotions, thoughts, actions, and interactions all affect your outer energy field: the aura, which is the collective collaboration of the spiraling vortexes of the chakras.

06921382-7b63-4b82-b638-0e4f3185537b-originalAnything that is from the outside world, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings and negative/sympathetic attachments affect the Auric field through vibrations in the frequencies they transmit at, and directly change the chakras. This information is processed by the brain along with our sensory organs.

All encounters in life are brought into the “physical realm” in many ways. Each chakra governs specific bodily functions, glands, and body systems. External actions create a myriad of internal reactions.

The mind does not know the difference in stimuli, whether it is actually happening or if it is in the imagination. As you form an image in your mind as to what the story entails, your body reacts as if it is taking place right there and then. This is why horror movies are so effective; they not only scare us on the spot, but we also have nightmares for days as the inactive mind recreates this memory, and the body reacts with cold sweats, rapid breathing, and an impending fear that something is under the bed.

7 layersTherefore, by activating a chakra, you are now opened to put a positive intention into that chakra. The mind will create, embody, believe, and react to this intention as being the way it is. This isn’t fooling the mind; it is training the mind to manifest through your positive focus. This is the Law of Attraction in Action. Now your chakras are cleared of old memories and negative energy and balanced. Bringing balance to your Aura. You will come away with a profound feeling of Well-Being and relaxation. Removing Stress from the active mind and body, and putting yourself into healing mode.

This will also clear any negative attachments that you may have picked up from working with others… or just being around negative or needy people.

So remember to “Break Away” after doing a session, even if that session is nothing more than listening to someone’s sad, sad story.

10294367_10152015794417371_2864524428045877988_nRemember: You are not a healer of others.  There is no such thing.  But instead a facilitator. You are the healer of you.

I am not the Healer of others, I am the Healer of myself. I am the Facilitator of the Healing of others who have yet to find the healer within themselves. We are all Healers, just some of us haven’t found that yet.      Namaste~  TonyD


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