head heart gut half bodyHEAD, HEART, OR GUT?

Energy is everywhere; you can sense it when in the presence of another life form. Some of us can even see it. A force that cannot be masked or hidden, it is the true “state of being” of the body, mind, and spirit.

How do we as Reiki Practitioners work this “Life Force Energy”?

There are three ways to interpret life as it unfolds around you.

You can use your brain and look at it logically. Most times, this results in 0 head1over-thinking or out-thinking yourself. Halfway down that street with a fork in the road, you say to yourself, “I knew I should have gone the other way.”

0 heartOr you can experience with your heart; emotions tend to cloud what is actually taking place. Those that think through the emotions of the heart tend to be sympathetic, and this makes them more part of the problem than part of the solution. Emotional choices are inclined to be from insecurity and fear, rather than out of love, and frequently benefit someone else at your expense.

0 gutOr you can sense it with your gut (trusting gut instincts). When you do this, it is the true interpretation of any situation. Animals do this automatically (Animal instincts). This gives you an unclouded view of a situation, with no pre-determined notion of logic, which includes sociological ingraining, and no emotional or egotistical ties.

602836_416475831760660_1975830924_nSo as you send Reiki, Silence the mind of logic, Quiet the heart of emotion, and allow your gut-feelings to guide your work. Remember: the client is only going to tell you about all the symptoms, their ‘sad, sad story’, not the ‘root cause’… so allow your gut to guide you there, that’s where the healing begins within them. Namaste~ TonyD


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