There is no spoon~

ThePesentMoment-Don’t preoccupy your thoughts in an attempt to be in the “here-and-now”
That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize and accept the truth.
There is no “past, present or future”.
Then you will see, there has always only been, the present moment.

-Time and Space are for the experience of the “world of form”.
The past is the misfortunes of being “flesh and blood”
The present is the body-mind’s space for change.
The future is for the mind to ponder “form and time”

-The truth is -you, or more precisely, the you that is observing you -exists in the world of the “world of the formless”.
Spirit or the ‘formless essence of your true-self” exists in the Aleph.
No Space, and all space.
No time, and all time.
No beginning, and no end.

-To accept that the only real time and space is the “here and now” is “ISNESS”
Walk through life being fully present in the present moment.
This is Satori, the true path to enlightenment.

-Tony Damian


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