“The Power of Weee!” Newsletter-March 2016

Newsletter Number 1 – March 2016

from “Simply Cathryn” & TonyD

“The Power of Weee!”

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 Hello and thank you for joining up with us.

This periodic newsletter is to keep you up to date with what Weee~ are doing!

As I am now just days away from releasing my book.  The posters and printed book proofs are approved and being printed right now.  The eBook should be in the next 2 days.  I will be posting updates as to the release dates of the PaperBacks, eBook, audioBook and Guided Meditation CDs.


I  am not doing a major launch date campaign.  However, the more paperback books are sold in a one week time span.  The better the chances to make the best seller’s list.  It would be sweet, but it is not one of my goals.


I am working on a few side projects to go along with the book release; Internet Radio and Podcasts.
I am working on producing a series of (audio only) discussion topics that will be live-broadcast for listener responses and questions, and podcasts that can be downloaded through iTunes and listened to at your leisure.


I produced a video short version of my audio guided meditation published last month. It is available on Vimeo and YouTube.  I will be producing these shorter videos of the other 3 meditations as well.  (by short I mean that they are 30 minute run-time as opposed to the full 44 minute audio).  The videos do not have my introduction or physical relaxation meditation that the CDs have.

If you are interested in pre-sale purchase of “Finding the Alchemist within – Turning yourself to GOLD!” prior the launch date I need your email address so you will know the date(s).  The sign-up form pops up whenever you first visit our website or blog pages.

Thank you, as we are already going worldwide with our fans and contacts and I don’t want anyone left out of the loop.  This is what being a member of the tribe means…. connectedness.  Namaste~  TonyD

Here are some links to what Weee are up to. 


VIDEO SHORT Guided Meditation #2 Chakra work
https://vimeo.com/156131574          https://youtu.be/UwmVCC6e-Q8

Facebook Pages


LinkedIn Page

poster for amazon

~Until next time~

Namaste from “Simply Cathryn” and TonyD

‘The Power of Weee!’


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