Links to my Guided Meditations – companion enhancements to my new book “Finding the Alchemist within – Turning yourself to Gold!”2016

Kindle-ebook cover-JPEG-Finding the Alchemist within_3-28-2016Within this book on self-healing, are two Workbooks with numerous steps to self-realization and self-actuation to heal body, mind and spirit. Together with my contributing author “Simply Cathryn” we have developed a mission to bring into one place useful tools to enhance everyday living. One of these tools is through the activity of guided imagery, guided meditation and guided self-healing.

There are a total of 4 meditations that will accompany the book and enhance the total self-healing experience.

To enhance your Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing after reading the chapters on it listen to:

Journey #1-“Creating Sacred Space – A Shamans Slumber” this audio Guided Meditation will be available Spring of 2016

This will set you in a relaxed state of mind and body. This is conducive to healing. If we relax and ground the body, the mind will inevitably follow. It actually takes more of an effort to quiet the mind of logic and obsession than it does to find the time and space to just chill and meditate.

In the following audios, I will guide you through the three stages of work we will do with the Chakras, the Aura, and the Luminous Holographic Self.

 cover art CDBABYJOURNEY # 2-“Channeling Reiki for Chakra Synchronicity”

(available now on CD and Digital Download)

 This guided self-work is for activating, clearing, and balancing each Chakra individually.  My method of guided imagery allows you to be “hands- and eyes-free” to be able to embody what is being said and be in the full presence of the present moment, rather than reading it first and trying to remember what to do next.

I have spent 20 years working with people as an Energy Worker, and I have found that listening while being still, with eyes closed or loosely focused and hands free, is by far the unrivaled scenario for self-absorption in healing the self. In doing this, we have virtually eliminated external distractions. Remember, it’s all about you!

Activating chakras means bringing your conscious awareness to them one at a time. By doing this, you are stimulating this energy center in the active mind. When a body part, body system, or even an energy center is brought into focus of the active mind, it is activated.

 Your brain is now thinking of this area, bringing into your awareness what is going on in that chakra.

 Do I feel it?  Is it working?   How should it feel?   Do I even have one?   What should it feel like?  Where exactly is it?   Why don’t I feel something?   And of course, the big question… What do I do with this now?

 Your brain has thousands of queries per second about life’s happenings around it.

Now you are pinpointing your focus and attention on a specific place and time to do a specific job, and that is sensing its presence in the present moment. Chakras are ever-changing; their state of being is a snapshot of that particular moment in space and time. Emotions, thoughts, actions, and interactions all affect your outer energy field: the aura, which is the collective collaboration of the spiraling vortexes of the chakras. Anything that is from the outside world, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, affect the Auric field through vibrations in the frequencies they transmit at, and directly change the chakras. This information is processed by the brain along with our sensory organs.

All encounters in life are brought into the “physical realm” in many ways. Each chakra governs specific bodily functions, glands, and body systems. External actions create a myriad of internal reactions.

An example would be seeing something happening in front of you that is shocking. Let us say a car explodes alongside a street that you are traveling on. The eyes see the explosion, the ears hear the explosion, and the body feels the shock wave as it travels through your car.

The brain starts its uninterrupted one thousand and one questions… and meanwhile, emotions are running amuck. The “GUT INSTINCTIVE CENTER” or what I refer to in my book as “Chakra 2.5” that interprets all outside stimuli is the center of all activity right now. Gut instincts kick in, and you slam on the breaks, you gasp for air so as to supply every muscle with enough oxygen to fight or take flight, your muscles all tense into protective posture, and your pupils dilate so as to take in as much light as possible to see everything that is happening.

In fact, while you are imagining this scenario in your mind as it is being described here, notice that your brain is already asking a hundred different questions.

The mind does not know the difference in stimuli, whether it is actually happening or if it is in the imagination. As you form an image in your mind as to what the story entails, your body reacts as if it is taking place right there and then. This is why horror movies are so effective; they not only scare us on the spot, but we also have nightmares for days as the inactive mind recreates this memory, and the body reacts with cold sweats, rapid breathing, and an impending fear that something is under the bed.

Therefore, by activating a chakra, you are now opened to put a positive intention into that chakra. The mind will create, embody, believe, and react to this intention as being the way it is. This isn’t fooling the mind; it is training the mind to manifest through your positive focus. This is the Law of Attraction in Action.

lightchannelJOURNEY #3- “Energetic Chakra Healing of Bodily Systems” (Available Summer of 2016 on audio)

This Journey of guided imagery is focused on healing each chakra’s associated bodily functions. All the major systems in the body are addressed here. Whatever the infliction or dis-ease may be, if it is within the physical body, there is a chakra that governs the functions of it… even if it is a psychological or emotional dysfunction.

In chapter 12 – KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, I listed out some examples of “Emotional Sources of Dis-Ease.” Negative Emotions feed Dis-Ease. When we have a Physical problem with a particular part of the body, a system, or a function, we can sometimes link it to “Emotional Sources.” You may wish to refer back to this chapter to really create a clearer view of what may be going on internally. It points out some of the correlation between body parts and systems and a few physical dysfunctions that are associated with each of the chakras. Formulating in your mind, your intention for healing. This may help you to pinpoint the chakra or chakras that you may want to focus on a little more intently. Remember: Physical Dysfunction or Dis-Ease can manifest from an Energetic, Emotional, Psychological, or Physical catalyst. By Physical catalyst, I am referring to chemical or environmental causes.

So, as we go through each chakra in the guided meditation, I will make reference to the associated body system, not the parts or issues.

selfhealJOURNEY #4- “Holographic Energetic Healing Session of Body, Mind & Spirit” (Available Summer of 2016 on audio)

This is my final phase in self-healing. Opening the Light-Channel and bringing a consciousness to the Auric Body, creating a Holographic image of yourself so as to Self-Heal. This was the “Ah-ha moment” I had some years ago; it works very effectively.

In my Holographic Guided Self-Healing Meditation, I will take you through the steps that I took to create a sacred space, ground physically and metaphysically, and then manifest a hologram of yourself. It is this empathetic energetic expression of yourself that will be the medium to your self-healing.

For Digital Download to accompany my eBook or for playback on iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android Device, PC or MAC click the link below:

To purchase CDs click this link:

tony_intro_picRemember to revisit these links right after you have experienced the meditation for the first time and write a review as to share what you got out of it and what you think of it.

I thank you in advance!

Namaste~ TonyD



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