May Day Book-Signing event was a great success!

What an amazing gathering of positive energy!

It was truly a day of celebration of Mother Earth, Springtime and the fruition of our labors writing, editing, self-publishing, self-distributing and sharing sacred space with friends, family and fans!!

It was a nice turnout of happy people and we all celebrated with a picnic of hotdogs, salads, fruits, macaroons and lemonade.  Walked the Tibetan Prayer-Flag Labyrinth and had great discussions of topics from our book.

Weee are truly blessed!

Can’t wait to have an event in your neck of the woods!

Weee are traveling North to Connecticut at the end of the month from here in Central Florida and then who-knows-where from there. 🙂


“Simply Cathryn” & “TonyD”

May day calage

If you haven’t read our book yet, now is a great time to.

This is a book about self-healing – body, mind & spirit.  It contains two Work-Books within, unlike anything you have seen before.  There are also guided meditations that accompany the healing journey available on CD or digital download.

Follow the links below to read about us and order paperback books, eBooks and Guided Meditation CDs and MP3s.

“Simply Cathryn’s” Author Page

TonyD’s Author Page

What these Guided Meditations are all about.



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