Companions from the Cosmos

COSMIC Companions ~ Soulmates ~

As humans we are always looking for acceptance from others, a feeling of belonging. This need stretches to all aspects of our daily lives, personal and social.  We have defined ourselves as beings that should never be alone and ones that are always striving for nirvana. 

In this quest for the “perfect life” includes the “perfect mate”.  That is defined as someone who is a mirror of our self; likes, dislikes, needs, wants and desires.  We try so hard to mold everyone that we encounter into this role, and if they don’t fit, we try and make them fit, and if we can’t –  then they are not “the one”.  If they do fit, then they are our “soul mate”.

It is so strange that some people seem to have a new “soul mate” every time they think they are “in love”.  Or “in love” every time they think they’ve met their “soul mate”.  Can this be true?  If not, then why would they be considered to be one?  If so, can there be different definitions of what a “soul mate” is?

I believe that there are various levels of what a “soul mate” is.  The “soul” is the very essence of who we are, the “I” behind the conscious awareness of self.

Our souls transcends time and space, they are eternal, a part of the cosmic flow of energy that will always be there.  The soul is the one thing that remains when our body is done with our human existence.  The one difference is that each time we enter a new life, a part of who we were is ingrained as well.  The soul is a silent passenger with a hidden journal of past lives, lessons and wisdom that is always looking to remember.  In fact, as we go through life, we really don’t learn anything new, we merely just remember it.

All living things have this life-force (or energy), for thousands of years in the orient it was referred to as “KI” or “CHI”.  Humans, animals, fish, birds, insects, plants, or any thing that has “life” exists because of this “ENERGY”, KI or CHI, or SOUL. It is the connection of all life back to its origins… the Stars.

Energy can not be created nor destroyed, merely manipulated or moved from one place to another.  It is a collective force that exists throughout all living things anywhere in the universe which would include the planets, stars and everything in-between.

weee eyes

I believe that one’s eyes are the only physical part of the body that comes along for this journey from lifetime to lifetime with the soul.  Eyes are as unique as fingerprints; no two are the same. They remain ageless and timeless through each life’s journey.  This is what is recognized in others as we pass through life, or lifetimes.

The eyes are truly “the window to the soul”.  To look into someone’s eyes is to see the soul, if you look hard enough and sincerely enough.  The true essence of that being is right there in front of you with nowhere to hide.  The eyes show the true self, the true intentions, and the real person inside.

When you meet someone for the first time and gaze into their eyes, you generally can tell if you will like them or not.  Subconsciously, we are looking for a connection to the real person inside, their souls.  When we meet someone that appeals to us, and look into their eyes and see ourselves or something that feels so comforting, so compelling, so wonderfully attractive, we call this person our soul mate.

The immediate implications are that we can not ever live without them in our lives and that they always have to be there from now on.  That we didn’t have a clue of what love was before and can not go on without them.   That life didn’t start till they arrived in it.   With the worst of all being, that you can never find this true and deep a love again.  Fundamentally, this is true, until of course it doesn’t work out to be any of that at all over time, and then you meet your “real soul mate” then your “really, real soul mate” and so on.

After a few of these in my lifetime I started to wonder what a soul mate really was.  Could it all be an illusion just to satisfy a need to have someone you find meets your needs, wants and desires?

IMG_1657Or is there more to it then meets the eye?  (So to speak)

Let’s go back to the eyes again for a moment.   What is it that we think we saw there?  Was it someone we knew from a past life?  Was it part of our own soul that is in that other person somewhere?  Is it an angel or a spirit guide come to help us?  Is it all of these, or is it all in our own minds?

These are the questions that I have pondered for many years, and over the years I have come up with good answers for all of them.  Not necessarily right ones, but they all sort of made sense at the time.  Then one day it struck me that maybe there is more to this soul connection thing then we think.  Maybe there are different types of “soul mates”.  These different “soul mates” should all have different names, as to not confuse the definition of “the one and only for-ever-and-ever soul mate”.

We are put here on earth to experience emotions, the one thing that God could not do.  Our souls are the very essence of the universe’s energy, therefore knowing all there is to know about everything.

945193_464283156979927_730748042_nThis reminds me of the story of the Angel Gabriel, one of whose jobs was to “unlearn” the new soul that was about to enter a new body and be born into the world. He would press his index finger to his lips, say “Shhh,” and then press that finger against the lips of the yet to be newborn and say, “You will remember nothing,” thus creating the indentation on the upper lip under the nose. This is our subliminal reminder that we indeed hold all the answers to the universe; we just don’t remember any of it. In this way, we get to relearn life and all its wonders all over again.

Our new bodies, with our soul as old as the universe itself are ushered into existence with an innocence of knowing nothing, an inability to communicate, and a wonderment of all the senses.  Our mission is to experience the emotions of life, learn the lessons, gain the wisdom and share the knowledge.


As we go through life, we meet people, interact, share, communicate and cooperate.  From time to time throughout our journey as a child, then a teen, to adult, we meet those that seem to be a part of us.  One look into the other’s eyes and our soul is reminded of something long ago, not of this time and space.  This is a soul mate, someone who had been in a previous life with you.

This person may have been older, younger, the opposite sex or the same.  But the one thing that didn’t change was their eyes and their soul.

Who are they?

That is the question you have on a soul level.  This question permeates throughout the mind and body as well.  So from time to time our soul remembers something from the past that is brought to mind (and body) by something your eyes have seen in someone else’s.

This is a reflection of the soul, a flash of déjà vu.

The deeper we get into the subject of soul mates, the more we have to really define what constitutes a soul mate.  What is it that makes one person more special or connected then another?

I believe that we come back for more then one lifetime.  I also believe that each time we do; certain people reappear to complete a task or a journey.  Our souls are the connection to the cosmos.  When it is a connection of perfect unconditional love and trust it is a cosmic companion – a soulmate.

I have experienced this a number of times, but nothing as strong a connection or as deep an unconditional love and trust as I have right now.


Shaman TonyD & Medicine Woman “Simply Cathryn”

What do you think about this?

Share a thought or picture of you and your soulmate.

namaste~  TonyD




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