Mother Nature’s Shock & Awe – The Flow of Energies

Mother Nature’s Shock & Awe  Daily-Post Prompt Blog

The Flow of Universal Energy

I have been practicing, teaching and writing about the Healing Arts for 20 years. Traditional and Angelic Reiki, Magnified Healing, Pranic Healing, Shamanic Healing, CranioSacral Therapy, Acupressure, Massage Therapy, Chi-Kung and Guided Meditation.


There are those that practice in the Healing Arts that read my writings and understand what I am talking about. Most people have no idea what ‘Energy Work’ is about and are reading our book to gain an understanding of it. It may be spirit guiding them into a life in the Arts, or perhaps, to feel more confident in taking on those that are sick within their circle of friends and family. Then there are those that fear the Arts because they are not “main-stream”, so therefore there most be something evil or wrong with it.


I want to journey a bit deeper into the Healing Art now and perhaps shed some light on questions you may have. The questions that I had back 20 years ago got answers that lacked the substance to at least quiet me down awhile and make me think.

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We accept that Energy is everywhere and can be manipulated and moved to do work. Energy is movement, and movement is energy. Take lightning for example. Lightning can travel in many ways. In electronics school, I was taught that Energy was the stored ability to do work. A battery, for example, is a potential that is looking for a path to flow; a difference of potential exists from terminal to terminal. Ok, fine. Lightning, on the other hand, can travel from ground to cloud, cloud to ground, cloud to cloud, roll up in a ball and bounce, and sprites that jump almost into space!

What the heck?!

My point here is that we really do not know anything about what lightning REALLY is or how it REALLY works. Popular belief with some scientists is that neutrinos have something to do with them, and a real freaky thing is that they seem to talk to each other across sometimes hundreds of miles, like synchronized swimmers.

 So with no real understanding of nature’s greatest show of beauty and strength, how do you think something like Reiki is going to be explained?

I am in AWE!

(Excerpt from “Finding the Alchemist within – Turning yourself to Gold!” A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing) by Tony Damian & Cathryn Barkulis Smith


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