Happiness is not a Destination – It is the Journey

Journey DailyPost Blog Prompt for July 13, 2016


~ The Journey inward

Realization of being Universal Unconditional Love

The life-force energy that flows through all living things is pure Universal Unconditional Love. That is to say, Universal Unconditional Love is the love that embraces everything in existence. There are no exceptions, no conditions. This is the love that the Creator has for all things he has created. Just as we love the things we create, or co-create, the Creator loves the things he has created, seen and unseen throughout the cosmos, including us. The difference between love we feel as humans and the unconditional love that is the Universe’s is that our creations are using what things the creator has made for us to use. Nothing we create is truly ours if not from the source. When we accept our true selves as beings of light, then we are stepping into an existence of unconditional universal love. This energy heals. This is the force of all life.

 Transmutation of your life-force energy and focus to the New You.

Do not identify yourself as your issues. Be yourself first, one of pure light, then address how you are feeling about what is going on with you, body, mind, and spirit. Those who identify themselves as having issues, needing surgery, plagued by illness, and so on – before even saying hello and asking how the other is –  are living vicariously through the stress, illness, condition, or issues and not being themselves first.

With the focus on healing and trust of the truth and support internally and externally, let go of what is no longer your pain, fear, doubt, inhibitions, stress, disease, or dis-ease and release the intention and goal of healing to the Universe; and feel a oneness with yourself and all of nature.

There are times, however, when a “healer” is needed for someone. This is when this someone has a sympathetic connection to themselves and becomes attached deeply to their own “dis-ease.” Chronic hypochondria is a good example of this: sympathetically attaching their energy to everyone else’s issues or diseases and making them their own.

This creates an internal vortex. Like putting a vacuum cleaner hose to the blower end, the energy is being sucked into itself; a serpent swallowing its own tail.

This requires the empathetic connection from an outside source. AKA: Tough-Love. Makes sense, huh?

This is why support groups work so well. We all have our issues, demons, and problems… but together, we can make a positive change, in ourselves, in others, in the world, and, ultimately… in the Universe.

Empathetic energy is that of the universe through the facilitator, and not sympathetically of the facilitator from the heart. This Empathetic connection will break this downward, inward spiral, allowing universal energy to create balance and grounding. If left to itself, a self-sympathetic connection will turn to just plain pathetic!

Express gratitude for what will be, self-healing and self-love.

Show gratitude by gifting services or time to the needy or homeless. Take walks in nature and donate time to worthy causes that benefit mother earth. When you gift your time and talents, you will feel your connection to the Universal Energy increase that much more. Be thankful as soon as you put your intentions out, as if they have already been taken care of before you even spoke them out.

Self-Healed in Body, Mind & Spirit – Oneness with creation as the creator.

A feeling of Universal Unconditional Love will fill your entire being. A true connection to the cosmos, the sense that you are truly a part of the Universe, and the Universe is part of you… unconditionally… no matter what!

A sense of peace and connectivity is the affirmation from the Universe that you have been heard, and that you are healing.



If you truly believe without any doubt or fear that you can heal anything within your body, mind, and spirit, then you can.

Now stand still for a moment and take account of your body, mind, and spirit at this very moment.

How do you feel?

Are you relaxed, calm, centered, grounded?

Are you happy at this very moment with yourself? Good! Now take one step forward.

Stand still for a moment and take account of how you feel now.

Feel the same?


Your journey of one step has been one of happiness.

Think about this for a moment.


That is what the journey is, one moment at a time in the here and now. Know at the deepest levels that you can do this every moment of every day. You are on the golden path now to self-healing.

You are walking in ISNESS. “I choose to be happy and healthy! Therefore, I am!”




The next chapter is a recap of these previous chapters and what I call the -THE SACRED LABYRINTH of SELF-HEALING it is a workbook of this journey to self-healing. It puts a focus on each leg of the journey. Walk with each goal until it becomes part of your walk.  

Think of yourself standing in your sacred space; a place you create in your mind.

Before you is a great labyrinth.

Tony pix from tablet 140

In a labyrinth, you always have a view of the goal. Nevertheless, the goal is not getting to the center; it is the contemplation along the journey that brings you to the center. The Center is the realization of your journey.

Let us say, for instance, “Happiness” was the walk of the day. You would write the words, “I am happy,” on a piece of paper or on a stone, to carry and feel, to contemplate and walk with. You think of happiness with every step, with every breath, and the silent contemplation of being happy would relax you. With each step, you discover that nothing else matters except for the present moment walking around each leg of the labyrinth. The journey did not bring you to happiness; your happiness was the journey.

Create a Labyrinth for yourself. By that, I mean a place to walk in silent contemplation. It need not have turns or be in a circle. It can be a walk down a garden path, or a trek through the woods, or a stroll in a quiet park, or even a walk around the block.

Here I would like you to contemplate walking with each of these steps or thoughts as a new mindset to consider.

Tony pix from tablet 063Your pace should be that of a procession and not a race. You are walking a path, not jogging a track. This is a new route, not an old routine.

I am presenting these in the way it would have been done in ancient times, not in do’s and don’ts but as verse and rhymes.

Write one out on a sticky note and walk with that one step. Embody it. Really contemplate what it is saying. Do not agree or disagree. Do not predetermine your outcome. Just merely walk with it for a few days, even a week or more. Return to the beginning of the chapter where you ask all the questions about what you have done or not done. Answer them, every day.

When you have reached an understanding of that step, place it on a door that you pass frequently or, perhaps, on a full length mirror. Use your imagination; make each mark made a stepping stone or point of contemplation along your labyrinth walk each day.

May your journey always be one of Happiness!

Namaste~  TonyD


an excerpt from “Finding the Alchemist within-Turning yourself to Gold! – A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing” by Tony Damian & Cathryn Barkulis Smith 2016



2 thoughts on “Happiness is not a Destination – It is the Journey

  1. “I choose to be happy and healthy ! Therefore I am!” I like this mantra because I can replace the “happy and healthy” with anything else “free, at peace, joyful etc.” and therefore I will be! Thanks for reminding me that it is indeed about the mindset!

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