The Nightmare of today’s Healthcare

Nightmare” The Daily Post prompt for 7/15/2016

Have you noticed over the past 10 years or so that people are getting sicker and staying sicker longer?

Antibiotics and steroids were the end-all and be-all cures of modern medicine… only to become the catalyst to super bugs and unstoppable viruses.


I have found that conventional medicine will throw drugs and therapy at symptoms without ever considering the root cause of the illness. Symptomatic diagnosis and treatment never cures anything; it only prolongs the problem by hiding it. It becomes a crap shoot, sometimes they get lucky, and most times they create new symptoms with drug interactions and side-effects.  More times than not, the cause is NOT where the pain, discomfort or stress is.

For healing a long-term stress or pain, we must peel back the layers like an onion to reveal and heal the root cause buried deep beneath all the symptoms.


With a chronic condition such as long-term pain, anxiety, or any Dis-Ease, we also have to look at the STRESS it causes on each of the planes: physical, emotional, and psychological.

 Every cause for STRESS creates a new layer to this onion.

 For instance, every size larger or smaller you are from your ideal size is another layer of STRESS that got you there.

 Every job that you did not leave the way you would have wanted is another layer of STRESS.

 Every relationship that did not end the way you wanted it to is another layer of STRESS.

 Every time you obsess over an issue creates yet another layer to this onion.

What I am driving at here is the reason “quick-fix-remedies” do not work. You cannot get to the center of the onion without removing each layer. Stress has threads that tie all of them to each other, so it is a process to unravel and deal with each as a separate entity. This is why people can remain under psychiatric care for what seems like a very long time; consider how long it took to get to where they needed this help to begin with.

Complementary Alternative Medicine has a different approach to healing. As an energy worker or even as a massage therapist, I do not want to know the sad story that brought you to me. In fact, I would rather not know where it hurts because the pain won’t be the first layer, or the root cause; it will be the symptom of the day. This is where intuitive healing from a practitioner of any healing art does his/her best work.

Ida Rolf, world-renown master Body Worker said, “Where it is, it isn’t,” referring to where the pain is felt and where the origin of the trauma is. The body will send out messages to us when it is uncomfortable or in pain. If we do not get the message, i.e., do something about it, the body will resort to other tactics. In bodywork, we learn that this is referred to as “the law of symmetry.” Say the pain is in the left shoulder and ignored. The body will transfer that pain to the opposite side. If we still do nothing, then the pain may appear on the other half of the body or in the weakest area. This is the “law of generalization.” When the law of generalization is in effect, you will see someone leaving the doctor’s office with this diagnosis: “There is nothing on the MRI or X-ray in the area you say is causing you great pain. It’s all in your head.”

This is because the problem is not in that area at all… so look at the opposite or reflective side. For example, what becomes chronic in the hips over time appears in the shoulders and vice versa. In Bodywork, we also refer to “agonist/antagonist” muscles, or muscles that oppose each other to do a specific movement. One muscle may be in agony, but it is the opposing muscle that may be the antagonist.

A big problem with the way the system works today is that any person can have as many as 3 to 5 doctors all prescribing different medications without consideration to drug interactions.

This may seem to be a harsh statement, but it is merely scratching the surface of health-care issues found today. It amazed me to find eight different people, all over 60, each being treated for no less than four illnesses, like stress, anxiety, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid, pain… and at least two of the various drugs they were on were to treat symptoms created by the interactions of drugs they were given together.

Doctors are not pharmacists, and most do not actually know the interactions of the drugs they are prescribing but merely the symptomatic relief they give via their PDRs.

It boggles my mind to see any pharmacy giving out numerous prescriptions without checking for interactions first. I have also seen a few with more than 10 interactions occurring and some of them red-flagged for being lethal.

How does this happen, and why? There has to be better control from the medical community.

I found a solution, and it is through self-intuitive energy work, “Finding the Alchemist Within,” and trusting the Healer within us all. You need only two things to self-heal…. knowing you can… and trusting that you can!

I am not knocking modern medicine, not at all. It is sometimes necessary to bring in the professionals when surgery is the only option, or when life-threatening conditions occur. It is more the everyday stuff, most of which can be controlled by diet, exercise, and a healthier mindset. Our society has become so lazy that we waste the doctor’s time and energy with nonsense we can certainly take care of ourselves by being proactive and preventative rather than reactive.

If you are stressed out and hurting, you are distracted, and your focus is not on the good of all with positive intent. It is on instantaneous relief, no matter how, no matter what… and this paves the road to misguided actions and reactions because we don’t understand where our own thinking needs to be to make things really happen.

In this new paradigm shift of consciousness and healing it is paramount to become masters of our minds, emotions, reactions, and our focused thoughts.

This is why when someone is told that the disease, illness, injury, or infliction is going to consume them and they only have “a month” or “a year” to live, they believe it to be the “end-all and be-all” and manifest just that. Because they are not the masters of their own minds, they believe what they are told is to be their destiny. This is my fundamental problem with mainstream medicine.

Authorities tell us (and we never ever question) that we MUST undergo a particular surgery or take a specific medicine, or we cannot and will not heal.

We believe what we are told without question. We then put those vibrations out to the universe with underlined, unquestioned, unchallenged belief and accept it because we do not have doubt that what we were told will happen. The universe receives these unwavering, focused vibrations and magnifies and manifests them as an “action,” and the “reaction” is exactly what we were told would happen.

The number of people that pass on from this world a year to the day that they were told is staggering.

When we’re told by the “authorities” of a particular outcome, it’s manifested with unwavering acceptance because there is no fear or doubt that what was told is an absolute truth.

There is an exception to this, however; if it is a mother, grandmother, father, or grandfather with strong family ties, they seem to make it right to the holidays when everyone is due to visit so they can see everyone one last time. To me, if you can hold on a few more hours, days, months to do this… then you have the ability to hang around for months or years longer if you really wanted to, or more importantly, if you believed you could.

In the remote regions of the world, void of technology, news, and science there are people who live to be 125 or even 140! Do you know why? It is because nobody told them that life expectancy is 80. So they live longer. Fancy that!

The Nightmare in today’s healthcare is that we are told lies and handed poisons by “the authorities” that we trust with our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  We need to take personal responsibility back for our own healthcare.  The way our ancestors did for hundreds to thousands of years.  Naturally, Naturapathically, Herbally and use common sense again.

This is not Alternative Medicine! It is Original Medicine!

OM not CAM2

-Tony Damian


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