Let your senses and intuition DRIVE your decisions

The Daily Post prompt – Drive – 7/17/2016

Head, Heart or Gut?


head heart gut full bodyThere are three ways to interpret life as it unfolds around you. You can use your brain and look at it logically. Most times, this results in over-thinking or out-thinking yourself. Halfway down that street with a fork in the road, you say to yourself, “I knew I should have gone the other way.”

Or you can experience with your heart; emotions tend to cloud what is actually taking place. Those that think through the emotions of the heart tend to be sympathetic, and this makes them more part of the problem than part of the solution. Emotional choices are inclined to be from insecurity and fear, rather than out of love, and frequently benefit someone else at your expense.

Or you can sense it with your gut (trusting gut instincts). When you do this, it is the true interpretation of any situation. Animals do this automatically (Animal instincts). This gives you an unclouded view of a situation, with no pre-determined notion of logic, which includes sociological ingraining, and no emotional or egotistical ties.

Every second of every day requires choices to be made, paths to choose, life decisions that need to be answered NOW! These choices happen unceasingly, both knowingly and instinctively.

However your gut reacts to stimuli, it is showing you the truth. The gut reaction to a situation is the culmination of the six senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, sound, and intuition. The ability to sense this reaction and act upon it without question is “animal instinct.”

 It’s merely “yes or no,” “black or white,” “stay or go,” or “do or don’t do.” Your stomach reacts without emotion, without logic, without feelings towards others, without remorse; it’s strictly a survival response.

The more “survival mode” the decision is, the more intense your gut will react. This shows the real importance of this decision or reaction. Always trust this feeling.

This is very important to understand because the energy of the universe is interpreted by humans with only two emotions… that of LOVE, and that of FEAR. All other emotional states are derivatives of these two.

Examples of emotions or feelings derived from LOVE include happiness, elation, joy, and loving anticipation… and some from the Emotions of FEAR are hate, anger, jealousy, stressfulness, and fearful anticipation.

If the GUT feeling is one of LOVE, it is the parasympathetic nervous system reacting. This puts the body in “rest and digest mode.” If FEAR is felt, then it is an “action/reaction” of the sympathetic nervous system. This is “lock-down,” “time for action”, “fight or flight”! These are extremes, obviously. Not everything that comes from one or the other will cause “this or that” reaction.

Have you ever gotten halfway somewhere and said to yourself, “I knew I should have taken that other road,” or, “I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that salesman,” or, “I was so stupid to lend him money. I had a feeling he wouldn’t pay me back!” Well… That was your gut talking and you not listening.

This bad judgment may have been caused by the fear of rejection, or feeling bad for someone less fortunate and not trusting better judgment or your gut feelings, or… just thinking with your heart or your head. Being empathetic to your surroundings is key to living “in the moment,” stepping back and being the silent observer of the “here and now.”

Sympathetic connections do not solve problems or promote healing; they are self-validating, selfish and self-absorbing, and a negative drain on the other. You cannot promote healing until the one in need has the mindset to do something about the situation or issue… even if it is you. We are hard-wired to be sympathetic to ourselves, which makes sense; nobody knows our issues better than ourselves. However, to be your own healer you have to disconnect from what you feel and connect to the energy around you, whether it is someone else’s or your own.

Now you may ask, “What if I feel nothing?” This can be interpreted in various ways. Perhaps it may not be an important enough decision, i.e., life or death. Sometimes you can feel nothing because of stress due to overemphasis on the outcome, meaning you are not relaxed and receptive, or you have a pre-determined notion of the outcome and are forcing the response.

The drawback to having “free will”

Second-guessing natural instincts is something we do all the time, and we humans are the best at it. People who say they always have “bad luck” live by reversing their gut feelings almost intentionally to always fail. These people unintentionally think they know better than their animal instincts do and second guess their gut feelings.

A gamble not worth waging, you will always lose.

“Trust your Gut!”

When we are sick, hungry, sad, scared, upset, confused, panicked, or in pain, the chakra that corresponds to that body part, function, or aspect reacts by being out of balance, too active, under-active, or blocked, thus changing the balance of the aura and effecting the rest of the energy balance within us and around us.

Think from the mind, love from the heart, and feel from the gut.

 Never doubt this inner voice… this is Animal Insticts

cosmos gut earthThe Gut Instinctive Center – Chakra 2.5

What I coined as “Chakra 2.5” in my book: “Finding the Alchemist within – Turning yourself to Gold!” “A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing” is really an energy center to the six senses, not a chakra.  However, in her WorkBook within my book, “Simply Cathryn” spent some painstaking time to lay out some important things to know about your GUT that can be treated just like a chakra, for feeding, clearing, balancing, and keeping it healthy. She has worked for over 30 years with clients’ guts, bringing them back to balance, and has a unique view to share on this most important energy center in healing.

 When you experience life in the “here-and-now,” or what we refer to as “ISNESS,” you take into account what you see, hear, taste, smell, feel, and just know… that very moment. The six senses are interpreted by this energy center. In early 2015, John Hopkins and several doctors and gastrointestinal experts have started talking about a 2nd brain in the body located in the gut.

gut 2.5 symbol liteFor the nearly two decades I have been exploring, researching, and teaching about this energy center. It is uplifting to see science and medicine now doing the same. I believe they have it wrong though. This 2-pound entity is not a brain; that would make it a logic center. No, I believe it is the direct processing center from the six senses directly to the nervous system. In the animal kingdom, this is the center that decides “fight or flight” or “rest and digest” mode. This is where animal instincts come from, in my view. We as humans are on the top of the food chain with no real predators, so we have no need for this. Coupled with the fact that we run on STRESS MODE, there is no way to have any animal instincts or gut feelings because we are locked in “fight or flight!”

 I hope the researchers read this and take it into consideration. I believe that when man was a hunter-gatherer this was a very highly tuned energy center that meant the difference between eating and starving and between life and death.

 Your gut feelings are more important than you can imagine.

So let your senses and intuition DRIVE your decisions.

Remember, think from the mind, love from the heart, and feel from the gut.

-Tony Damian

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