Spirit-Guided Instinct

DailyPost prompt for March 15, 2017 “Instinct

Spirit Guided Instinct tells me that

WE need to collectively shift the global energy of FEAR into LOVE.

We all know the power there is in numbers

and we know the power of prayer.

Every middle Wednesday of each month we participate

in a Global Meditation for World Peace.  

An Open World Peace Meditation on Reiki Crystal Grids

(globally synchronized, locally organized).


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Click here to learn more about these meditations.

My focus this month (tonight, 3/15/2017 @ 7pm)

is putting out Love Energy

to stop this one man from doing harm to his nation,

to his neighboring nations and us.  

Come join me…

be it  a prayer, a meditation, a spell, an intention

or just a single thought….

the power of the collective mind of mankind

can stop WWIII from happening.




Amen, Aho and So Mote it Be!


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