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What has writing taught you about life? |Writers Boon Blog

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  • As a non-fiction writer in the Healing Arts I write about philosophies, concepts and conventions that are controversial to mainstream conventional medicine. Occasionally even contrary to what Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) communicates as protocol.

    So, as I wrote my manuscript, I had to research everything that I was conveying, to ensure that I was not plagiarizing anyone else’s published work, and that my new ideas were not being practiced elsewhere.

    I did my own editing, wordsmithing, layout, design, artwork and publishing of my book, eBook, guided meditation CDs and MP3s and now my audio book. I became very proficient at finding S.A.T. words to sound sophisticated, and structuring my written sentences better than my spoken ones in front of a classroom or group.

    What writing has taught me about myself is that I do indeed have something to share with the rest of the world. Moreover, that I have something to say worth writing a book about. With all the work, research, pacing and dreaming, rewrites and more rewrites, I discovered that I truly believe in my work, my passion for what I know and teach, and myself.

    While doing my research I had to investigate dozens of quotes that I have been using for years to credit the proper people, only to find out that these quotes were mine. I was surprised and then impressed. Writing has given me a stronger sense of identity, self-confidence in what I know and do, and reverence for the written word.

    If you have something to share, share it!

    Our time here is too short to look back over your shoulder years from now with the “would ‘ave, could ‘ave, should ‘aves”. One should never go through life wondering, “What if?” Our mission in this lifetime is to experience the emotions, passions, and beauty of living, and to discover our dharma, or purpose, in life. To learn the lessons of karma, the universal law of cause and effect, gain the wisdom from conquests and consequences, and share the knowledge with those we love… as well as those who cross our paths whom we can learn from and/or teach.

    Life is too short for dead ends; when you feel that you have reached one then find a new path, learn the lesson it taught, gain the wisdom by sharing that lesson, and move on with life.

    A Lifetime is full of experiences and lessons learned. When they are shared with our children or others through our written word it becomes wisdom that can be passed down forever… If not shared, then that lifetime was only wasted time.

    Writing as a teacher of your own life?  None Greater!

    -Tony Damian



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