Revelation vs the Money Bandwagon

Revelation  Daily Post prompt of the day for June 10, 2017

Why are so many Doctors promoting “natural cures” all of a sudden, and jeopardizing their medical licenses and careers? 

Are they truly revelations?

Or are these medical professionals waking up to the reality of “modern medicine” and now merely turning the clock back to the day before the F.D.A. was formed?

Mainstream vs Alternative TonyD

On June 30, 1906 the federal consumer protection agency began with the passage of the 1906 Pure Food and Drugs Act. Then in 1930 the name changed to the Food and Drug Administration. At this point in space and time there were no prescription drugs accept Bayer aspirin, and naturopathy, homeopathy, flower essence, essential oils, teas and tinctures, and foods were the medicines; like soups, stews and salads that worked flawlessly! This was what we call “Original Medicine”. The way our ancestors insured their good health for thousands of years. Without prescriptions, fad diets or the need for health insurance. This is when the FDA started their witch-hunt to shut down all natural herbal apothecaries, as to pave the way for what would become “big pharma”.  The mindset here was to synthesis what nature was already doing, as to make money on it any way they could.

One of the Laws of Nature that was not understood by these money hungry chemical companies, was the fact that any dis-ease in any part of the world can be cured from flora that Mother Earth provides in that area.  A cure for anything always grew right nearby.  Coupled with the other natural fact, that a cure from nature has no side-effects, because it is the way nature intended to fix itself.  

You will never find a deer in the wild with OCD, or an owl suffering from migraines. 

It is painfully obvious to see the difference between “Original Medicine” and “Modern Medicine”; we see what is in the best interest for our whole healing and good health and what is not.

For instance, take a good look at a pharmaceutical ad on television, which spends only a few seconds on what it can do for you and the rest of the time on all the side effects – all due to unnatural, synthesized chemicals. That don’t actually cure the cause, the merely mask the symptoms.

What I discovered many years ago is that Americans over the age of 60, have an average of no less than 3 doctors at a time, and on no less than 4 prescriptions.  The worst discovery was to find that some of these prescriptions were to mask the symptoms of drug interactions and side-effects of the other drugs!

It’s time to return to making our medicines from natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, oils, and flora and create meals that address our needs – making food our medicine in the same way our ancestors did for thousands of years.

So are all these “new” discoveries and natural miracle cures by doctors really revelations?  The answer is NO.  These doctors are simply realizing that what they learned and practiced was a lie.  They were taught nothing of homeopathy, naturopathy or nutrition in med school.  The FDA, Big Pharma, Insurance companies and even the AMA have created a false sense of security in our health and well being and silence the natural innovators because it will expose them for what they really are.. Americans are more dependant on prescription drugs then we are on fossil fuels!  Think on that one for a minute.

My partner Cathryn and I wrote a book about this very situation, and how to return to what we have lost, or more accurately, what was taken away from us over the past 70 years: Personal Responsibility and Original Medicine.

To your health, happiness and well-being.                                                                    -TonyD


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