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“Finding the Alchemist Within – Turning Yourself to GOLD!” – “A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing”


tony_intro_picThis is a book about Energy, Work, and Healing. Anything that has movement has energy. Everything that has life has life-force energy. Energy Work is the manipulation of this life-force energy. Energy Workers are people who channel the inherent energy found in all living things into a place where it may be stagnant, blocked, or out of balance. There are hundreds of healing modalities around the world and throughout time. None are greater or lesser than another… it is all about intention and focus. When energy work is done with another, where the focus is selflessly on the recipient with the best and highest good for them, with harm to none, then it is the way of nature.

reiki kanjiIn this book, I use a few different modalities to explain concepts and suggested ideas that I have learned over the years. This is not a “how-to” manual. Reiki, as any modality, is not learned from a book, CD, DVD, or webpage; it is learned by sacred tradition from teacher to student. Reiki attunements are necessary to channel energy in a disconnected or empathetic manner. One may channel their own energy if not attuned to Reiki, which drains and creates energy attachments. This book is for those who have not been exposed to energy work and those looking to further their understandings. The energy work I teach in this book is an entity unto itself, a culmination of various modalities from around the world and throughout time. dragonswayI call it “the Dragon’s Way.”
Reiki, or any other healing modality for that matter, is not a replacement for a healthcare professional. If you have a serious condition, or are under a doctor’s care for a specific condition, seek professional guidance before considering energy work. Energy Work is a form of Complementary Alternative Medicine. A complement is not a replacement. Use with discretion and with the best of intentions.

602836_416475831760660_1975830924_nThis is also a book about Self-Healing. Self-Healing means taking on the responsibility and mindfulness to fully heal from whatever it is that inflicts you, be it a disease, a physical, emotional, or mental illness, health condition, or hereditary dysfunction. There is no one method of completely healing any condition by doing one particular modality. Full healing requires encompassing all realms of human existence: the full body and all of its intricately woven functions and systems; the mind, which includes memories, traumas, fears, obsessions, and pre-determined outcomes; and the spirit, by which I mean the energetic self, life force energy, chi, or prana.

brian cropped 2How we got to the point of needing healing is also an important factor in healing. What have we fed our bodies? What toxicities and heavy metals have we exposed ourselves to? The fact that most conditions have come about through many years of abuse, neglect, or just unknowing exposure also means you must be willing to take the time to unravel, cleanse, repair, rebuild, and heal each layer. By doing this, you heal once and for all, unlike with modern medicine, which heals a symptom by hiding or masking it. If the underlying causes are not addressed, the original problem still exists and will resurface again.

alchemist_intuitiveThis book will help you become aware of the total involvement in self-healing, including: creating a mindset to heal; accepting everything for what it is and allowing everything to be as it is; channeling your thoughts in a positive manner to heal yourself; knowing and believing that you can heal yourself; healthfully and naturally making your food your medicine; and taking back responsibility for your own healthcare.

OM not CAM1Take a good look at a pharmaceutical ad on television, which spends ten seconds on what it can do for you and fifty seconds on all the side effects due to unnatural, synthesized chemicals. It’s time to make our medicines from natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and flora, and create meals that address our needs – making food our medicine.This is a book about returning to what we have lost over the past 70 years, Original Medicine.

To your health, happiness, and wellbeing

~Namaste ~ TonyD