Finding the Alchemist Within


Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. We are entering a new era in Human Existence, one of Higher Consciousness. This new shift in consciousness encompasses all aspects of what we know, have faith in, trust, and have done for hundreds to thousands of years. Science is realizing the true complexity of the Universe. Even gravity is in question. Science has dis-proven “common knowledge.” What in the past was labeled impossible has now become typical, such as the discovery of billions of planets that might sustain life throughout the Universe. The same is true for medicine. Antibiotics and steroids were the end-all and be-all cures of modern medicine… only to become the catalyst to super bugs and unstoppable viruses. This shift of old knowledge to a new awareness includes everything, all the way up to God. Health and well-being are no different. As human beings we are not just another insignificant life form amongst billions of life forms throughout the Universe – we are beings of Light, Pure Energy, made of star-stuff. Our true ancestors are pure light, literally! We are here in these bodies for a short visit to experience emotions or “A Lifetime.” We are not the healers of others – we are the healers of ourselves and the facilitators of the healing of others, who have yet to find the healers within themselves. We are all healers… It is the Alchemist Within. – Tony Damian

human_transmutation_circle_by_SolarifurBack in the days of old, Alchemy was the practice of the intellectually and spiritually enlightened. An Alchemist spent long days and nights conjuring and concocting with all the known elements and beliefs of the time to prove right the notion that there was indeed a method of turning base metals to gold. Inadvertently, from this came science, chemistry, and modern medicine. The manifestation of gold never came about from these labors, but a profound understanding of the Universe around us and within us did.

This was the Renaissance Age, the age of enlightenment. In this quest for gold, one element of the equation was mistaken. Base metals were not the key ingredients to the formula; we humans were.

I want to take you now on a journey into the body, mind, and spirit, to awaken the consciousness within to its connection to the Universe around us and within us. Through this enlightenment, we can find our place in the cosmos, discover the true power inherent to all humans, and unlock the healer within. In essence, we can become the Alchemist and turn ourselves to gold.

What is the “Alchemist Within”?

The Alchemist Within is more than that little voice in your head, beyond your mind, beyond human form, beyond your conscious awareness; it is the awareness of being aware. The true “being” behind all that is in the world of form.

Finding the Alchemist Within means becoming aware of your true self. Not as a human living a lifetime, but rather a consciousness, a light being experiencing a human existence.

Finding the Alchemist Within means traveling outside the boundaries of what is considered normal, to the realm of pure potentiality, and accepting that anything and everything is possible.

How do I find the Alchemist within me?

Finding the Alchemist Within is to walk in the ways of the Alchemist. Alchemists, Sages, Wizards, and Shamans are all beings of nature. They accept what is, without judgment, without attachment, and without per-determined notions of outcome.

To Find the Alchemist Within is a Journey into yourself.

This Journey has many paths to take – many decisions to make, many ways to possibly forsake.

This Journey is not an easy one. It is not a straight line.

Nor is it as easy as, say, taking steps to climb stairs or a ladder.

Nothing is crystal-clear.

Every step of the way challenges you to let go of what you believe, forget how you perceive, and redefine what it is to achieve.

You must unlearn much of what you have been taught. Return to innocence. Look at everything in the world as brand new, as if never seeing it before.

Forget what you think you know and trust your gut instincts, intuition, and spirit guided thought.

Release what is not yours. Foster empathetic disassociation and detachment to those things you cannot change.

Have confidence in the fact that less is more. Let go of the world of form and ego.

Accept responsibility for yourself and allow all that is to be as it is. Believe and trust in yourself as the creator of your happiness, health, well-being, and destiny. In essence, turn yourself to GOLD!


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